What We Do

Partners in Business & Education

We take pride in matching the right employee with the right opportunity.

Job seekers may need additional training and education in order to move into that next machine or job level opportunity. We help Job seekers further their careers through education and opportunity.

NEEPAA is the Industry’s first comprehensive employment service where job seekers, vocational schools and employers meet.

We specialize in regional Manufacturing, Transportation, Trucking and Port Jobs including all supporting technical positions and services.

Our experience, professionalism and personal attention enable both job seekers and employers find just what they need.

How We Work

We work hand-in-hand with Employers, Trade Schools and Job Seekers to create a connected community based on respect and improvement for all members involved.

Our Partners

Our valued partners include Trade Schools that are focused on created qualified workers for skilled jobs along with Employers that offer great places to work at a fair wage.

Our Staffing Software

We have created proprietary staffing software that presents the most qualified candidates to our employers along with potentially qualifying those candidates for valuable tax incentives.

How To Join Our Community

To join the NEEPAA community, send and email to contact@neepaa.com or give us a call at the phone number provided on this website.

Our Expertise

The NEEPAA team has decades of combined experience working with employers in the skilled trades and a deep expertise in the creation of large scale Internet solutions.

The NEEPAA Community

We create a bridge between Employers and Trade Schools

The NEEPAA community creates synergy between employers, job seekers, and vocational schools. Our community represents the industry’s first comprehensive employment service built upon this synergy.

We offer employers everything they need to hire the ideal skilled worker. We provide tools to help develop a detailed job description, so employers avoid sifting through unqualified candidates. NEEPAA supplies a platform for qualified job seekers to apply for these positions. We make it easy for employers to identify candidates that might be eligible for tax incentives through the WOTC program. Once identified, our system makes it easy for employers to apply for these incentives. The incentives range from $1,200 to $9,600 per employee hired.

Job seekers enjoy several benefits from joining our community. Our platform allows skilled workers to apply for jobs that utilize their specific skills and earn a good salary. We help specific communities of workers like veterans and SNAP recipients stand out to employers with the help of potential tax incentives. Sometimes job seekers want to continue their education to improve their income potential, and we can help with that. A simple click on our website can get job seekers connected to a vocational school that offers the continued education they desire.

Vocational schools play an essential role in our community as well. Our platform is the perfect place for qualified alumni to find the jobs they’ve been trained to do. Potential students are easily connected to partnered schools, increasing admissions. Advertising opportunities give schools the chance to attract new students as well.

We’re proud to benefit all the hard-working members of our community. Through synergy, all three groups benefit. NEEPAA’s goal is to help all skilled workers, but we take a particular interest in assisting qualified veterans, early release prisoners, accredited vocational school students and other groups facing historical hiring challenges find gainful employment.