Vocational Schools

NEEPAA and Vocational Schools

Vocational schools benefit from a NEEPAA partnership from both financial and effectiveness perspectives. In attending a trade school, most students desire to gain the skill sets needed to find good paying jobs in quality companies. While trade schools often have existing student placement and employer outreach programs, the effectiveness of these programs can be limited due to the time and effort needed to properly evaluate prospective employers.

A NEEPAA partnership significantly strengthens placement and outreach programs by offering a diverse group of hiring organizations with a stated commitment to be employee focused and great places to work. Placing students into quality NEEPAA affiliated organizations allows the vocational schools to build upon their reputation of effectiveness and grow their enrollment.

Trade School - NEEPAA

Along with assisting vocational schools in their charter to place graduates, NEEPAA increases the exposure of schools via both passive and active marketing campaigns.

An example of passive marketing is offering skill set improvements to a job seeker via the NEEPAA interactive interview. If the job seeker indicates a desire to improve skills while applying for a job related to the vocational school’s curriculum, they will be sent detailed information on the trade school as an opted-in prospective student.

Vocational schools also have the option for active banner and video marketing within the NEEPAA website and job boards. All NEEPAA advertising is performance based with significantly higher cost to conversion rates than found in traditional digital marketing campaigns.